• Dog StretchingDog Upset Stomach Stretching

      Why is My Dog with an Upset Stomach Stretching? Dog upset stomach stretching: if your dog has an upset stomach and is stretching, consider that this may be a sign of abdominal pain. Veterinarians […]

  • Dog with Upset StomachContrast X-Rays for Dog with Upset Stomach

      So your vet has decided it’s time to get things moving and take a look into your dog’s digestive system by using contrast x-rays. Unlike plain x-rays, contrast x-rays offer a different insight of […]

  • Dog Upset Stomach Emergency VisitWhat Warrants an Emergency Visit?

      Seven Dog Upset Stomach Conditions that Warrant an Emergency Visit Not all cases of dog upset stomach can be treated at home! This is why we have disclaimers on each page of this site […]

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