• What Blood Tests in Dogs with Digestive Problems can RevealBlood Tests in Dogs
      What Blood Tests in Dogs with Digestive Problems can Reveal After a physical examination, veterinarians may suggest conducting some blood […]
  • Bring Vomit Sample To Your VetWhat Vomit Sample Tells Your Vet
      What Vomit Sample Tells Your Vet? It’s not a bad idea when you bring your dog to the vet for a case of repeated vomiting, to bring […]
  • X-rays in DogsAbdominal X-rays in Dogs
      Abdominal X-rays in Dogs with Upset Stomach If your dog presents with a history of repeated vomiting, retching, abdominal pain, loss of […]
  • Dog with Upset StomachContrast X-Rays for Dog with Upset Stomach
      So your vet has decided it’s time to get things moving and take a look into your dog’s digestive system by using contrast […]
  • Ultrasound for DogsUltrasound for Dogs
      If your vet decided your dog needs an ultrasound to further investigate his upset stomach, it’s good to be prepared on what to […]
  • Diagnostic Tests for DogsDiagnostic Tests for Dogs
      When your dog presents to the vet’s office with vomiting and/or diarrhea, your vet will need to to put several puzzle pieces […]
  • Things You Should Tell Your VetThings You Should Tell Your Vet
      Five Things You Should Tell Your Vet About Your Dog’s Upset Stomach While some cases of dog upset stomach may be mild, some others […]
  • Vet VisitWhat to Expect at the Vet Visit
      So you have scheduled an appointment to have your dog with an upset stomach see a vet, what to expect? First and foremost, keep a careful […]
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