• Home Remedies for Dogs Vomiting 
      Mother nature provided dogs with a quite effective vomiting reflex; if you ever watched dogs barf after eating some grass, you may have […]
  • Dog Stomach UlcersSucralfate for Dog Stomach Ulcers
      Sucralfate for dog stomach ulcers is a medication obtained by prescription that can be purchased at a vet’s office or at a […]
  • Dog Food Brands for IBDHydrolyzed Protein Dog Food Brands for IBD
      Hydrolyzed protein dog food brands are increasing in popularity as more and more dogs are diagnosed with annoying food allergies and food […]
  • Dog's Upset StomachOmeprazole, Prilosec for a Dog’s Upset Stomach
      Prilosec for a dog’s upset stomach has obtained renewed interest as research out of North Carolina State University has revealed […]
  • Dog DiarrheaKaopectate for Dog Diarrhea
      If your dog is having the runs, you may be wondering whether kaopectate for dog diarrhea can be useful. The answer is that yes, […]
  • Tums for Dogs with GasGiving Dogs Tums for Gas
      If your dog is suffering from excessive gas, you may be wondering whether giving dogs Tums for gas is something worthy of considering. […]
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