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Slow digestion in dogs

Reduced Stomach Motility in Dogs

Reduced stomach motility in dogs is not unusual and may lead to retention and vomiting ...
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Orange Stool in Dogs

Causes of Orange Stool in Dogs

The causes of orange stool in dogs can be several, but some circumstances may warrant ...
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Dog Vomiting

Metoclopramide for Dog Vomiting and Acid Reflux

Metoclopramide for dog vomiting and acid reflux is a medication that veterinarians may prescribe to ...
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Dog Stomach Ulcers

Sucralfate for Dog Stomach Ulcers

Sucralfate for dog stomach ulcers is a medication obtained by prescription that can be purchased ...
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Flare-ups in Dogs

Inflammatory bowel disease flare-ups in dogs can be concerning for dog owners to witness considering ...
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Dog Food Brands for IBD

Hydrolyzed Protein Dog Food Brands for IBD

Hydrolyzed protein dog food brands are increasing in popularity as more and more dogs are ...
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Dog's Acid Reflux Worse is at Night

Is Your Dog’s Acid Reflux Worse at Night?

Many dog owners notice that their dog’s acid reflux is worse at night. The annoying ...
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Dog is Vomiting White Foam

Help, My Dog is Vomiting White Foam

If your dog is vomiting white foam, you may be wondering what may be the ...
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Dog's Upset Stomach

Omeprazole, Prilosec for a Dog’s Upset Stomach

Prilosec for a dog’s upset stomach has obtained renewed interest as¬†research out of North Carolina ...
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