• Blood in VomitBlood in Vomit

      If your dog vomits blood, you are rightfully concerned. The medical term for this is “hematemesis” and how serious it is depends on various factors such as the amount vomited, its frequency of occurrence […]

  • Bring Vomit Sample To Your VetWhat Vomit Sample Tells Your Vet

      What Vomit Sample Tells Your Vet? It’s not a bad idea when you bring your dog to the vet for a case of repeated vomiting, to bring along with your dog a sample of […]

  • Dog VomitingDog Vomiting After Taking Rimadyl

      Dog vomiting after taking Rimadyl: If your dog was prescribed Rimadyl or some other prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug(NSAID) such as Deramaxx, Previcox or Metacam, you may be concerned if you notice an upset stomach […]

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